Tuesday, April 20, 2010

F*ck them, HATERS!

Hiya evri1!
Long time, no c as dey say! I hav decided dat i dont care about what dos idiots think about me n my blog. I had 2 stop 4 a while since ppl were takin da piss out of me, W n my blog. But I hav decided dat dey r just jealous. NEways, so I hav been workin like a damn 9 to 5 girl trying to make W the next Dave Becky. It ain't goin as fast as i though, but I know we'll get der, cos W's a star init. So next week W has a show at da local Tesco. He will be modelling-of course. He is a rela locker isn't he? My little W... Oh I do LOVE him!

As far as dat "father" of his, well I tell ya he is still a total prat. Typical. He won't pay for W's entry fee in da modelling competition. N he is doin dad just 2 be a right arse. I think i mite set fire to his car or somethin. I havent decided what i'm going to do, but after, he WILL pay for W's entry fee.

Dads all for now.