Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from a Lush Holiday

Alrite, im back lush time Greece it was lush. Had such a gud time wiv all mi ladies. I met dis gr8 guy called Zeus, it woz luv at first sight. I just luv his name, its so historic! Anyways, I met him on our first night out in Mykz (our nickname 4 it). He asked me if he could buy me a drink. I said he cud buy me an ouzo shot! I woz pretty pissed dat night, ouzo shots galoret. Anywayz, in the mornin i woke up with him next to me. It was quite romantic, I woke up beside him like everyday on da trip. Im so bummed i had to leave. I will have 2 keep Zeus as 1 of my cherished memories. Maybe i will see him next year. He was well fit.
I bet you want 2 hear the goss. Well it wsn't just me who pulled on dafirst night, of course. But i would say zeus was da fittest. i was quite restrictive on da hols, i had one man 4 da whole week, whereas becks and chels had a different lad every other night. Bless them. I think dey might need 1 of dos STI tests or whateva dey are called dese days. N on 1 night i was doing a dance in my bikini on the bar and i felt like takin the top off since it was one of dos Wet Tshirt contests. n i REALLY wanted to win to i took it off. ANd then i dropped by the disk so i should have been able to put it on again once da contest was ova, but some1 had taken mi bikini! Terrible! SO at least i got to keep the wet white tshirt as a souvenir (though quite ripped and wet) so i had to wear dat da rest of the night. I won though, safe! I got a jug of ouzo for the rest of da night! Fancy that! it was a well good trip, needed a whole day recovery. Work again tomoro, ug, double shift too.

Luv Trace. xXxX

Monday, August 3, 2009

Farewell English Arseholes, and Hello Greek Gods!

Hey Folks!
Im 2 excited 4 our trip 2day. Yesterday i spent most of my sunday being extremly hungover. I will tell you everiffin bout Bex party. Well our plan didnt go as we thought. We decided to do a tequila race (we had to celebrate bexy). N afta our 5th tequila arsehole Rick came. It is a bit hazy since i was pissed as fuck. Well, 4 sum reason Kay decided 2 attack him!!!! She was kinda like when she did E that 1 time in Falaraki last year. Well neways, da bouncer came n told her she was kicked out!!! So we all had 2 go to anotha bar. Not cool. But Rick came lata and took Kay back. N Kay seemed really excited about seein him! They even went home togetha. I love happy endings!
Can't waiiiiiit, only 2 more hours and we're off to Mykooonooooooooos! I hope i find myself a nice Greek man who can show me around n buy me Ouzo! Safe.
I hope W has a gud time with his grandparents!
I will miss you, blog fans!!!! I will try and sneak some updates, maybe there is an internet cafe or sumfin. Cos what wuld u do widout me.