Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Barbie Birthday Bash

Dey don't know yet as in my Mum and Dad but Im holding a little bday bash at ma house for my bday on wednesday. I went down to asda today wid loraine to pick up some supplies, such as da usual, paper plates, plastic cups, lambrini, wkd (just cos its my bday) watsits and cocktail sticks. I reaaaaally want dos drink umbrellas, deyre so class.

Loraine suggested I get some beer for da lads, but I was like noo Loraine, we is ladies, we don't buy booze for gents in it. She ain't half brained sometimes. I had planned to have an Anne Summers party too, but apparently fellas aren't allowed, n I know me n da girls want some lads around, I mean it's my bday come on. Thats a reason to get laid.

So I have decided dat my bday theme will b Barbie. N my Ken shall be there. I mean Zeus is my Ken, but I will hav 2 find my English Ken wait for better.

I need to find a babysitter for W still, as I don't want to be looking after him during the big event. ;) Cos I'll be on the PULL all night long. Anyways gotta go make din dins for W, spaghetti hoops and mushy peas, YUM.

N I picked up a kebab for us to share on the way back from asda, I do like treating W.

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