Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MEGA BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ello all mi fans!
It's da big day, innit!!! Finally!! xx
I'm finally the big 2 0 babes! xx
I'm getting prepared as we speak. Lez is stylin my hair she is well good at dem tight curls, her hair always looks lush, so I know I'll look buff tonight, buff and ready to pull init babes.

I wanted to look extra fit, so with the tenner my nan put in my bday card, I went for a gym sesh. Me, W, n da gurls r currently munching on Maccy d's happy meals as we get ready. The pounds are practically dropping off. Gym, kids mean (instead of super size norm) = max fitness for my big day!!!!!!! xx

Im sipping my first cocktail of the night too, Bex, made up a well nice lambrini mixer, lush bizz, she should get a job in a cocktail bar.

Shout out to all my peeps who are coming to the big event.

I bet u wannna know what Im wearing, so I'll tell u. xx

Well the theme as u no is BARBIE AND KEN. So I've got me a pink dress, pink purse, pink stilettos and some big blinging earrings, (similar to the pic). Im doing some lush makeup too, lots of pinks, lots of glitter init. Im gonna be the shining star of my bday bash. If someone tries to outshine me they're beggin 4 it. Tho I doubt any1 cud.

Anyways I gotta go party!!! Got to finish gettign ready n finish off my happy meal.

If your coming to my bday party see u there babes! If ur not, ur obs a loser.

xxxxxxx trace!


  1. Ur party was bangin. Have u seen my red top? I lost during twister last nite. I need it for mike's leaving... Btw, what happened wiv u n nick? I have no fone credit dat is y i haven't answered.

  2. Oh yh i found dat top under mi bed. It mite need a wash, if u no wat i mean... ;)

    Mi party was well wicked. tnx 4 comin. U r mi star!!!