Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me = Legally Blonde?

Last night me, Lez n W had a gurly nite in, woz well gud. We watched Legally Blonde 1 n 2. Seriusly fab. Ive decided I wana b just like L. Shes sofistikated lady, n v smart 2. Im guna get Lez 2 dye my hair blonde. I fink ill get it from sainsbury, they sell dos home kits. Itl be like a real salon!!! N Im guna see bout goin to college, cos if L can do it, so can I. I didn't get all my gcses tho, but i fink it should be ok.

Wish me luck. Tonite we r gunna watch legally blonde again so we can get even more inspired, n learn from da teacher herself, L. But first dinner time, I'm finkin egg n chips, YUM. Lez is goin 4 a sandwich tho, cos shes on a new diet. Shes bin using dis new fitness dvd too, i fink it was carmen electra, dont get y she has to play i sooo f*ing louds, it distrubs me from watching da telly. she says she's gettin ready 4 da beach, hopefully we will be back in mykonos again woo.

Or maybe Ibiza, dunno yet, sumwhere bangin tho 4 sure.

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