Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legally Blonde makes it in Croydon

Its tru what dey say! BLONDES reli do have more fun. Since Lez transfoamed me in2 a blonde ive bin having a smashing time n i fink da fellas like it 2. Ive had fellas over me like ders a magnetic pull.

On saturday we woz out on da tan, n I kissed 2 real fitties. N I woz getting more attention den lez 4 once, she werent 2 pleased, but come on im blonde. SO BE WARNED IM OUT N ABOUT N IM A BLONDE TRACEY NOW.

I ave always luved Pamela Andersson n now i am finally startin 2 look like her. Im finkin of a boob job. I reli want big boobs. Im a 32B now but i reli want 2 b a 32DD like Pam. She is such an inpiratation, sexy n smart. Men cant resist, juz like dey cant resist me. I ave to save up now 4 probz a year now. Must find a plastic surgeon NOW. Lez gave me her old money box 2 use 4 my boob job fund. NICE.

Thanks Lez ur a ledgend. Tracey.

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