Friday, May 7, 2010

Update; Mi Bday

I no u hav been waitin 4 details of mi big bday bash. I was absolutely plasterd beyond any recognizition. Not as bad as Bex tho, 2 many Lambrini mixers, mate! She even did a striptease during our game of Twister. Her bf was not impressed wiv da pics up on FB. She was sooooo smashed she threw up injavascript:void(0) Lez's bag, ooooooooops. What a laugh tho. Lez n me met a tru fitty, but he went home wiv Lez in da end, I was too much 4 him I fink. I did end up pullin Larry whose mi mate Garys bruv, he's alrite he is, but defo not a keeper, still lookin for mi mr. right. ;)
Da party was slamming, every1 who matterz woz der. Mi house was a right mess tho afterwards, trust. Der was even throw up dripping of da banister, SICK. My mum WOZ NOT impressed. But I woz like Mum I aint cleaning up its my bday n aint it worth it, cos it was sucha gud party. Her and Dad didnt come down, dey just stayed in der room, dey MISSED OUT on sum fun.
Its Jemmas bday next, no way will her party top mine.

Dats all 4 2nite, Trace.

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