Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golf Maniac- A Classy Young Lady

Hey peeps. I had da best idea, u no dat Tiger Woods, da buff, rich golfer. Well I was reading about his affair, n I thought if I join a golf club I could meet someone just like him and get me a husband, so W can have a chnace to go to hollywood. Golf wife is da new WAG init. Der ain't no affordable golf clubs around ere, and da last one I went to kicked me out. Who do dey think they r? Better than me?!

But we ave this well good mini-golf place. Me, W and some of da girls like to hang out at der burger bar in polo shirts- compliments of primark. ;)Sometimes we even play around, at 2.50 a pop its a bit steep tho, n I prefer spending that money on chips. But we is sure some hot, rich golfer will come our way, we just has to wait n look pretty, which is where matching pink polos come in handy. I'm thinkin of gettin myself some hot pink nailpolish to match...

Plus if I has an affair with someone like Tiger I might get my photo in a magazine, da girls would be well jealous.

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