Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Action Plan: Rick aka biggest knob eva

As you may have seen on mi schedie, i had a double shift 2day at Sains. It was a bloody nightmare.
Anyways, i was s'posed 2 pick up W's Burbery shirt 2day during my 30 min lunch. I ran in2 Kay instead n actually spoke 2 her my whole lunch. Kay's havin probs wiv her boyfriend of 2 weeks, so dey hav been seein each otha 4 a while now. She said she heard from our friend Debbie who heard from her friend Jill who heard from her friend Jo (or Jane or sumffin) dat her boyfriend Rick was cheating on Kay wiv dis slag Jazmyn. We made a real sneak plan. We are going to SPY on dat Rick when he is out on Bex's birthday. He wont know who we are since we will be real dressed up, disguised in rock n roll outfits. Mega master plan!

Course now i don't have little W's shirt... Though!!! I did meet David (luvaboy) on my way home from work. He is so fit. Gettin 2 da point, he said he could get me a little baby shirt 4 W 4 20 quid. A right deal! I gave him da money on da spot. He is coming to baby W's party and giving it. W will be soooooo happy!

See yas!


PS. Doncha luv da pic???

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