Sunday, July 26, 2009

A girls got 2 do, what a girl’s got 2 do…

Ok, soz 4 not writin l8ly, but Ive been well busy, at my new job, dey had me on a double shift, so I worked like all Saturday, n was well tired. I didn’t even go out Sat night, just went home n watched the tele, bit shit really. Bit bummed dat I didn’t get my dose vodka though, but whateva.

Well so far work seems alright, tho on ma first shift I snuck sum choccy on ma lunch break, but I 4got to throw away da wrappers n I was well worried dey’d catch me, but it’s all good. I got another double shift on Monday 2, I miss ma job at karma sutra now I tells ya, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, rite?

Dat damn David hasn’t called yet either. I’m startin to think dat he was using me and everiffin. Dis sucks, I woz luking 4ward to spendin sum time in his luxury flat n 4 discounts at the Burberry stall. It’s time to find anotha man in my life.

Well I must leave ya now. I entered W into a “Cutest Baby contest” at a store down da road. It may be Wayny’s big break. He will most def win. He is quite da looka.



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