Sunday, July 26, 2009

What were they thinking?

Grrr, I ain't half mad, Im bloody pissed, W didn't win da baby competition. He didn't even come 3rd, dem judges must be stupid as fuck. W is a looker all my m8s say so. N i know hes gonna be a star.
Dey obs don't know fittness n talent when dey see it is all i can say. Im devastated n so is Wayney, n Kayleigh she lent me da money to enter him, n placed a bet to, she was sure he was guna win.
Kay sure ain't pleased now, I dont think shes gonna come to W's party. I was like lsiten K sumone must ave bribed da judges u know our W, hes a winner, but she weren't aving any of it, ah well, if she dont come to his bday she'll be missing da event of da yr is all I can say.


  1. No way, r u joking m8, Wayne shoulda won.

  2. WHAT DA HELL?! This is idiodic!!! Why wudnt he win?!?! The contest musta been rigged. W is a beautytiful baby!