Friday, July 31, 2009

W's big bash bday

Sorry I ain’t written for a while, but it was our W’s bday on Weds, I was so hungover yester, I dunno how I made it thru work I tells ya.

W’s bday was immense, all my m8s showed up, n W’s daddy, Gavin brought loadsa xtra alcohol, so we all got real smashed.

I was real pissed at David for awhile, cos he only came 2 da last half hr of da party, n he missed W’s big bday moment, but he made it up 2 me in the bedroom if u know what I mean. He did bring da shirt along wiv him. W looks like propa supastar now. We even have nicknames now, so I think it’s getting serious, before he left in the morning, he went “bye ma lil’ slapper”, we is meana be, ma name for him, is baby-bear, cos he is well cute. Wish I had a foto 2 show you all, cos he is fit as.

Ive already finished mah shift and I’m well tired. I will watch some gud movies and den hit da sack. Tomoz is gunna be a nite of madness. BEX PARTY TOMOZZZZ!! Im wearing da shirt I showed 2 you b4. I’ll be 2 hot 2 handle. Baby-Bear said he wud be comin. I can’t WAIT!!!!!!

Our W had a footie cake for his bday, looked bit like da one in da piccie.



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