Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Dream: Shattered!

2day woz not gud, it must be sed. Dem arseholes at karma sutra gave me da boot. I made 1 little mistake n I got da sack. N its W’s bday soon n I got my holiday 2 pay 4, I’m pissed I tells u.

Well it weren’t my fault, 1 of da chefs didn’t come in2 work 2day, so I was asked to help out. Dey told me 2 put some spice in sum curry, so I did. Da spices was in dis big tub, I thought it woz weird dey wanted me 2 put all dat in. Turns out chef meant one scoop full, not one tub. But how was I sposed 2 know?!

Anyways I gotta get booze n dat for our W’s bday n I still gotta get his present. Its not a party if der ain’t no Lambrini and W has 2 look propa!!

Anyways I walked by our local Sainsburys on my way home 2 see if I cud bag myself a new job. Turns out I can, my tryout is tomora, safe!

David still ain’t called yet. But my meeting with Gav went ok, he wants me back, but I said no. I’ve found a beta man now, n who knows what will be waiting for me in Myknonos. He gave me some dosh for our W’s bday n he sed he’ll be der on the big day. I got him 2 pay for me dinner n me drinks. Maxed out!

I effin hope I get dat damn job or else maybe I can flirt a bit wiv da manager!

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  1. Dat sucks m8, well ave fun tomora anyways babes.