Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Girlz Night Out

Ok, I finally got a day off! All had to woz to shag the restaurant owner. If I known dat earlier i wud hav dun it earlier. So i have got a babysitter and everifin. I bought myself sum Lambrini (the cherry kind, of course) and new pack of Lucky. Kayleigh is comin ova 4 drinks soon. We r going on a massive piss up dis evenin. N tomorrow I will have got all day 2 recova. As long as W isn't screamin, he is a bit moody ATM. And his daddy isn't bein much of a help now that he is seeing that slag Kim.

Hopefully I will pull tonight. Ive got my eyes laid on dis lad, David. He is quite upperclass. He even has his own flat. He isn't livin wid his parents like the rest of us. I hear he just got a new leather couch!! I'm thinkin he can be tonights drink donor, he can buy my wine spritzers. Wine spritzers are almost like champers but cheaper and they got str8 2 mi head. Safe.

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