Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Burberry Blues…

I hear David owns da stall at the market dat has all da Burberry stuff. Cos I shagged him propa, he shud give me a discount. Dat damn slimball ain’t called me yet. He effin’ promised he wud. I ave 2 get dat shirt for baby Wayne. He must look propa gud 4 his 2nd birthday. Every1 wants to see W on his birthday. I invited every1. If David ruins baby W’s birthday I’ll be pissed. He beta call or Im guna make a propa scene at da market, he will wish he’d effin called me I tell ya now.

Tomora Im sposed to meet W’s dad Gavin at our local. I know W’s guna be famous one day, cos his dad is a well gud actor. I met him on a skul trip, he was working in da cloakroom of our theatre. He’s still der now waiting for his big chance. He ain’t got a part yet, but he’s only been working der 8 yrs. W’s guna be a propa luka 2, cos he’s got my looks, n Gavin’s acting skills.

W is going to be the next Becks, but for films.

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