Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Bee

This Week's Hectic Schedie

I hav so much stuff 2 do dis week. Juz luk at mi schedule:

Tuesday: Double shift at Sains. During lunch i must check out da Burberry stall so i can buy sumffin 4 little W. Only da best for my baby!

Wednesday: Only got a regular shift. Got the early one aswell. Must buy da liquor for Ws birthday. Mummy and Daddy got a bouncy castle for little W. Great, innit? Anyways, W's party starts at 4. SO i must make the punch and open chips and evrfin before. I hope it don't rain, i planned it 2 be outside.

Thursday: Recovering from W's birthday. Regular shift. Buy stuff for Mykonos.

Friday: Double shift.

Saturday: Beckys birthday! Mega boooooze fest! I got mi parents 2 watch W, they must be thrilled 2 have baby W around. Anyways, Bex party is going 2 be fabulous! Going 2 bring out my new outfit. Going to look fit as Posh! Juz have 2 work a shift at Sainsbury, then off 2 da bars!

Sunday: Recoverings from Bex kickass party!!!! But also packing all mi things 4 mykonos!

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